Why athletes can use hemp creams from Hemps Pharma

Hemps Pharma already has four hemp creams for the skin on the market made with cannabidiol: CBD 400mg Cannabidiol, CBD Balm Extra Strength 800mg Cannabidiol, CBD SPORT 370mg Cannabidiol and CBD SPORT 18,5mg Cannabidiol, these last two designed for athletes who want relieve discomfort and prevent injuries.

Expo Deporte Valencia, launch of new hemp creams from Hemps Pharma

Of 100 and 5 ml. the new balms of cannabidiol for athletes of Hemps Pharma. The runners of the Matarón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP could see the benefits of CBD SPORT 370 mg. Cannabidiol and CBD SPORT 18.5 mg. Cannabidiol at the stand of the company in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

CBD SPORTS, the new line of cannabidiol creams for athletes from Hemps Pharma

The two new cannabidiol creams developed Expo Deporte Valencia Runner Fair in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon in a great bet of the company around the world of sport.

'What is cannabidiol' in 10 keys

Cannabidiol or CBD is the main component of the two hemp creams for the skin that Hemps Pharma has launched on the market: CBD Balm 400 mg Cannabidiol and CBD Balm Extra Strength 800 mg Cannabidiol. Two balms that have, respectively, the highest concentration of cannabidiol in the Spanish and European market.