The story of Hemps Pharma is the story of a search, a trip to the depths of nature in pursuit of the genetics of the heaviest and most pure hemp. A journey motivated by the scientific curiosity that took our founders to the most remote corners of the planet, overcoming countless difficulties and obstacles to gather the high quality seeds that constitute our main raw material.

Hemps Pharma, with its main office in Spain, has partners in the principal markets of hemp, Europe, America and Asia. Our team share a unique dream: to create products of high quality derived from hemp that improve people welfare. To be able to achieve it, we make use of unique raw material in the market and the latest trends in research and development, which result in a catalog of high quality products that do not exist in the market. The high concentration of CBD has proven effective in improving the well-being of people.

The story of Hemps Pharma is the story of a project that was born in 1996 to put the best of nature within the reach of people. A story that you are part of.